Strange Sightings in Second Life

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As virtual worlds go, Second Life gets a lot of buzz. It's likely you've heard about its addicted players, or its crazy sex life, or how it's such a hot spot for business even real-life stores like Home Depot and American Apparel have set up shop there. The truth is though, most people don't really know what Second Life looks like—it's a series of more or less deserted islands—or that it's teaming with strange creations. That's because everything in Second Life is made by its users: the buildings, the landscape, the creepy statues, you name it. Here you'll see some of the lesser known, more unique (or just uniquely odd) creations users have left scattered across this otherwise well-hyped world.

The Taj Mahal, a Playboy island, a stick-on vagina, an American Apparel store, a bunch of enormous asses, and one melancholy hobo-chicken.

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