Suspended Cirque: Galapagos' Floating Kabarette

Suspended Cirque is New York's first Aerial Circus Theater troupe. The members, Joshua Dean, Ben Franklin, Michelle Dortignac, Kristin Olness, and Angela Jones are extremely gifted and committed aerialist artists who are interested in showing off not only their physical talents, but their individual personalities and emotions as well. They perform both on traditional circus apparatuses and new and innovative aerial equipment such as frames, chains and chandeliers. They also sing, dance, and play a variety of instruments. Over the past year the troupe has become increasingly popular, and have become resident performers at the Galapagos Art Space in Dumbo, where they performed on August 6th along with a variety of other burlesque, circus, and musical acts. for more information about Suspended cirque check out ( ), and for more information about the Galapagos Art Space and ' Floating Kabarette ' look at ( )

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