The 10 Best Barbecue Restaurants in NYC

It's no secret that this city is in the throes of another barbecue renaissance, and like the cooking conditions for a well-done brisket, the process of getting to this point has been low and slow. The previous decade saw several spikes in 'cue prevalence, adding regional styles to the restaurant landscape along the way. Post-millennial NYC barbecue owes thanks in part to operations like the now-defunct Pearson's Texas BBQ (c. 1992) and Virgil's Real Barbecue (c. 1994), which, while indeed real, now seems staid compared to the current smoky frontrunners (though, there are plenty worse options than Virgil's Memphis pork ribs if you're in Times Square). From early torchbearers like Danny Meyer and Adam Perry Lang to Zak Pelaccio's Fatty 'Cue and Hugh Mangum's Mighty Quinn's, the city's smoked-meat options have never looked more well-marbled, and we can proudly declare that our barbecue bark is now as good as our bite. Here are our 10 best barbecue restaurants in NYC.

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