The 10 Best Bars in Long Island City

What pops into your mind when you hear "Long Island City"? Maybe you picture less of a neighborhood, more of a character-free yuppie warehouse, where overpaid dullards stack themselves in gleaming condos, sucking the life force from yet another community's jugular. But you'd be wrong. That nonsense is largely confined to the waterfront, which you can easily avoid. Scrape away that gentrified mold of luxury apartment towers, and you'll find a delectable drinking 'hood, where gem-like bars sparkle against the dark backdrop of industrial buildings and moody railyards. And if you drink too much and get lost in Queens' confusing mess of numbered streets and avenues? Just look up. You can always orient yourself with the Citigroup Building, the tallest structure in New York outside Manhattan, looming over everything like Sauron's Dark Banking Tower. This is our run-down of the 10 best spots to throw back a glass in Long Island City. --Tom Cowell

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