The 10 Best Restaurants in Crown Heights

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10. Syd's Serious Sandwich Shop, (759 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn; 347-305-3086)
Born and raised in North Philadelphia, Syd Wayman now spends most of his days making sandwiches that harken back to that city's hoagie'd past. Wayman realized his dreams in 2010 using winnings from a business plan competition. And although decor is spare and space is limited, he's found favor with area residents for his loaded cheesesteaks (including a vegetarian variety) and cold cut sandwiches. In a nod to his surroundings, there's also a satisfyingly allspice-y jerk chicken hoagie available. And if you thought the bacon, egg, and cheese was the king of breakfast sandwiches -- wait until you meet (and eat) the steak, egg, and cheese.

As Brooklyn's borough-wide gentrification sweeps farther and farther east, it's crystal clear that Crown Heights is under the hazy glow of kale-and-yoga tinted spotlights. Long known for its abundance of West Indian specialties, in recent years the bustling neighborhood has experienced a surge in nouveau New American eateries, a Carob Spring if you will, that's helped solidify its place among the desirable Brooklyn enclaves. Luckily, the old guard stands strong, thanks to still-gentle rents and supportive local clientele, and for now, it seems the community will support both endeavors -- which means more great restaurants for everyone. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Crown Heights. --Zachary Feldman

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Published on August 26, 2014