The 100 Most Interesting Faces of NYC Pride

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We present these 100 faces of New York City Pride, shot on Sunday, June 29, 2104. Photos by C.S. Muncy for the Village Voice.

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Published on June 30, 2014

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Aww I was suppose to be in that line up, I feel lied to ;-; 


Great photos. I would love to know more about the camera/lighting used.


I'm all for Pride. I came out at 15 (now 39) so if anyone has had to bear the brunt of the last couple decades I can relate. HOWEVER...I see other ethnic groups celebrating their culture on a pride or festival and they're happy, thankful and laughing. Gay people, I've noticed over the years, sneer at each other and give dirty looks to anyone deemed not good enough, not rich enough, not young enough, not educated enough...if you don't fall into the category of both sex object and success object you are 'persona non grata'. I am angry that the very community I was willing to dare coming out for at 15 has treated me this way and rejected me for not being some corporate big shot with a $2 million loft and $1000 sunglasses. Why are we obsessed with this shit? Why aren't we obsessed with making sure that each other has their rights, has support, has legal help if needed and no gay people are having to live on the streets? We are SO fixed on the 'gay success stories'. There are many more gay men who've been lost to suicide, addictions, PTSD, foreclosure and had to move back to the small towns they worked so hard to get out of and where the HELL where we! We only care about ourselves individually and couldn't care less what happens to other gay people. We only make up 2-5% of the population - we can't afford to treat each other with this kind of indifference. For a lot of LGBT people, this 'community' is all they have. Imagine how devastating it is when you waited all these years to come out only to find a community that doesn't care about you and would rather you just go home and hide. Instead of getting worried about all this gay marriage silliness that a very privileged few of us will ever see happen due to the fact that most of us can't even keep a relationship going for three months, what about helping out other gays and lesbians who,have nobody and desperately need someone on their side?

I expect better. I'm doing what I can. What are you doing? This isn't a lecture so much as it's a please don't forget about those in our community who are very lost and need to hear from someone whose been in their shoes that it can get better. And I'm sure there are therapists out there. But I'm talking about people who can't afford that and really need friends and need to see examples of what the gay community could really be.


Ugly, freaky, childish, and ridiculous. 

And pride over what?

Having fecal penetrative sex? 

Amputating one's penis or breasts to change sex?

Left is dead when it favors fancy-pants fruitcakes over working people and the poor. 

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