The Delicious Eats of the US Open

We're in the thick of the U.S. Open, and by the end of next weekend, 700,000 people will have passed through the gates of Flushing Meadows to watch muscly athletes grunt while they send little green balls flying 100 miles per hour toward opponents (and so ends our knowledge of the game of tennis). But while we don't exactly have an enthusiast's heart for the sport, we can get behind this event for its dedication to feeding attendees: Between the Food Village, on-site restaurants and lounges, and celeb chef-run VIP eateries (including David Burke's Champions Bar & Grill, Morimoto's ACES, and Tony Mantuano's Wine Bar Food), the Open serves up 15,000 pounds of beef, 225,000 hamburgers and hot dogs, and 400,000 individual berries.

And you can eat well--very well--even if you don't have a top-dollar ticket. Presenting the highlights--and the deals.

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All Photos by Rob Christensen

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