The People of Antiques Roadshow In NYC

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Collectibles appraiser James Supp evaluates a distressing fur unicorn, which turned out to be made of dog hair (photographer's own).

It was hard to avoid comparing the New York stop of the Antiques Roadshow to a low-key casino without the seedy underbelly. The temperature in the Javits Center on Saturday was meat locker-freezing, Rascal scooters zipped by every few minutes (often with paintings and other wrapped ephemera jammed in to the footholds and baskets), bottled water was $4, and everyone was there with the hope of big money.

Although people's possessions were (theoretically) among their most prized, most packing approaches were decidedly post-collegiate -- beer coolers, dingy towels, and Duane Reade bags seemed to be the vessels of choice for most attendees.

Perhaps the most surprising (and weirdly heartwarming) aspect of the Roadshow taping was that nearly everyone intended to keep his or her items, regardless of the appraisal outcomes. Either people are less dead inside than expected, or shows like Antiques Roadshow have turned us all into hoarders.

Here's a tour of the Roadshow's stop in NYC, which will divided into three episodes during the show's 19th season, which begins January 5. The full Season 19 order will be determined in the fall and posted at or

Check the show's list of upcoming episodes to see when it will air.

Photos by Nate "Igor" Smith for the Village Voice.

Published on August 13, 2014

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