This Week in Film: January 31, 2014

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12 O'Clock Boys

Baltimore's 12 O'Clock Boys are a dirt bike crew who literally believe in ride or die. If it weren't for their Sundays in the streets causing havoc for the cops, boredom and stress would get them in worse trouble. And from what we see in Lotfy Nathan's documentary, we believe it.

Critics' Pick ✔

Opening this week in NYC theaters: 12 O'Clock Boys, a documentary on Baltimore's dirt bike crew that rules the streets; Charlie Victor Romeo, a taut, effective little picture whose dialogue consists wholly of transcriptions of actual cockpit recordings; Peter Brook: The Tightrope, a documentary on the legendary drama teacher; and much more. View the entire Village Voice film section: Follow us on Twitter at @VoiceFilmClub and listen to our weekly Voice Film Club podcast.

Published on January 30, 2014

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