Too Hot for Citibank?

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Carrie Schechter

Follow our continuing coverage of Debrahlee Lorenzana here.

Debrahlee Lorenzana sued Citibank, accusing the company of firing her for being "too hot." Investigate. Also, follow our continuing coverage of Debrahlee Lorenzana here.

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And, YES, if Citibank is so "frumpy" and "stodgy" that they cannot abide by having someone as naturally beautiful as this, then YES, she is too hot for Citibank.


If this woman is not given a modeling contract and/or acting job, something is just NOT right in this world! Debrahlee is like the "brunette Charlize Theron" - she is PERFECT! Wonderful, soulful, penetrating eyes; voluptuous body; fabulous curves; amazing skin tone that is not "too tan" - just right!

Would she be a distraction - DEFINITELY! But, I would say, "Leverage this distraction to its utmost!" This unbelievably beautiful woman is a marketer's DREAM! I would buy ANYTHING that 'she' is selling, whether I need it or not. Just sayin' - rock on Debrahlee!

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