Woods at the Music Hall of Williamsburg

From Eric Sundermann's write-up:

On the stage at Music Hall, the boys beamed with confidence. Earl's falsetto is so odd, so potentially off-putting that, even if his sometimes missed notes are cringeworthy, the earnestness in which he sings still grips. Combine that with his bandmates: bassist/harmonica player Kevin Morby and multi-instrumentalist Jarvis Taveniere. While bouncing back and forth like a slinky, Morby acts like a live-action metronome, jumping to the microphone for harmonica solos, bobbing back for bass lines. Taveniere is more introspective, staring down as he strums, and quietly contributes back-up vocals. On tours, Aaron Neveu plays drums, popping off his own chipper beats, acting as a sturdy foundation.

READ MORE: Woods - Music Hall of Williamsburg - 11/3/2012


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Music Hall of Williamsburg

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