Zyanose Bring Japanese D-Beat to Brooklyn

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On Friday April 18, 2014 the Acheron (57 Waterbury St., Brooklyn) played host to one of a handful of punk shows for this weekend's New York's Alright festival. The night started late at 11 p.m. but that didn't stop anyone from coming and lining up around the corner for a sold-out show. Things got wild with Life Chain, La Misma, Aspects of War and Japanese noise punks Zyanose. Photos by Rob Menzer for the Village Voice.

Published on April 20, 2014

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I cant stand when I get on Youtube and listen to some of my favorite

punk bands be it Hardcore Punk to Crust or Dbeat 

and there will be a debate going on in the comment section

about Punk being dead a lot of them agree and say its dead

looks very much alive to me just look at the people in these photographs

you can see it in there faces and eyes 

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