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A Brief Tour of a 100 Square-Foot New York City Apartment

by Ana M. Rodriguez | Wednesday, August 12, 2015

"Central Park is my living room," says the man who rents a 100 square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side.

Grayson Altenberg recently moved to New York from Wisconsin to work in a restaurant at Lincoln Center. Altenberg was gracious enough to give us a brief tour of his small living space, which he says he chose because of its close proximity to his job. Before he fully moved into an apartment the size of a Midwestern bathroom, he shared a space with two roommates in Brooklyn. He says he's also just bought an air-conditioning unit, making it comfortable to live full-time in what has to be one of Manhattan's smallest living spaces.

This is the same apartment that real estate blog Curbed memorably described as being "so sad it hurts," but the fresh-faced Altenberg seems to be keeping a positive attitude at his small quarters, for which he pays $1,100 a month in rent.

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