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Follow New York Comic Sam Morril from Club to Club as He Works Out This Joke

by Jessica Pilot | Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sam Morril has been a standup comic in New York for almost a decade. He has been on Conan and Comedy Central, and performs in comedy clubs all over New York City as well as nationally. Before making it to the stage, Morril would hand out flyers for comedy shows, luckily only a short stint. Morril met Patton Oswalt after a show in New York, who advised him to " open mics, just go to every open mic." Morril took his advice but remembers that "they were awful, they were humiliating and awful but I just kept doing them."

When asked "what's next?" Morril says, "I'm thinking about going back to school and getting my masters at Clown University."

We follow Sam around all night and listen as he works out jokes from club to club, including Stand Up New York on the Upper West Side, Revision Bar in the East Village and finally, the famed Comedy Cellar in Greenwich Village.

This is the first episode of This is Stand-Up, a short docu-series on stand-up comedy.

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