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Meet Steve Herbst, the New Yorker Who Whistles for a Living

by Amanda Dingyuan Hou | Monday, May 5, 2014

"When I went to the whistler's convention for the for the first time, it was like coming out of the desert after 40 years and finding your tribe."

Born into a musical family and inspired by his father who sang, whistled and played multiple instruments, Steve Herbst began whistling and simulating the oboe, clarinet, and flute from "Peter and the Wolf" by Prokofiev at the age of 7 to develop his three-octave range. At the time, whistling was just a private thing he enjoyed on his own -- not until college when he filled in for a whistling performance and blew everyone away. He went on to compete in the International Whistlers Competition and was crowned the Grand Champion in 2002. We hang out with Herbst for a day and he tells us about whistlin' for a livin'.

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