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Meet Two Generations of New York Bronies

by Lea Zora Scruggs | Thursday, June 12, 2014

"Well, the show was originally designed for little girls and their parents, but I'm not a little girl or the parent of a little girl so we're not really the target audience," says 16-year-old Henry, a brony who lives on the Upper West Side. "And yet, we have become the target audience." Bronies -- non-traditional fans of the popular children's series, My Little Pony -- come in all ages. Henry, and Bill, 70, represent two generations of bronies. We followed the two at the 2014 Big Apple Ponycon convention in Jersey City. "One of the hard things is, what do you do with stuff when people in your family are not that interested in it?" says Bill, 70. "[My wife] is really non-technical." "There' still sort of this camaraderie with the pony people. 'I'm a brony.' 'Oh, I'm a brony, too!'"

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