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Mr. Brainwash Explains How He Did His 9/11 Mural (Full Interview)

by Amanda Dingyuan Hou | Wednesday, September 10, 2014

When Los Angeles-based street artist Mr. Brainwash was visiting New York three weeks ago, he came up with the idea to cover an exterior wall of the Century 21 department store in Lower Manhattan with his 9/11 memorial mural. He chose the department store to do the painting, says Mr. Brainwash, because it was severely damaged in 9/11 and it was the closet building with the largest wall he could find.

The Paris native (born Thierry Guetta) says he painted everything in his Los Angeles studio, printed it, and then brought it to New York and started gluing it on to the wall two days before the 13th anniversary of 9/11. Mr. Brainwash says paper and glue is commonly used in street art. "You couldn't paint this in two days," he says. "I'm not superman or I'm not magician."

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