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This is Stand-Up: Carmen Lynch

by Jessica E. Pilot | Monday, September 14, 2015

Carmen Lynch has been doing stand-up for thirteen years in New York City. She came to NY to pursue acting but soon learned that stand-up was her calling.

Lynch has a comedic style that someone recently described to her as increasingly morbid but she would argue otherwise. She's discovered that dating for a comic isn't always easy. But not to worry -- one of her stories involves her confusing medical attention for affection, and how romantic it can be when visiting her doctor.

"There is a need to speak my thoughts. I didn't do that much as a kid so discovering that through stand-up became a necessity."

Lynch is bilingual and performs in both Spanish and English across the country. She has performed on Letterman, Craig Ferguson, Inside Amy Schumer and regularly performs at The Comedy Cellar.

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