60 IS THE NEW 25

At last year’s We Love the Golden Girls Party, hosted by the Voice’s very own Sharyn Jackson, we decided we’d join the antics by going all out in full-on old-lady drag. Wearing a long floral gown, a gray-haired wig, and loads of eye shadow, we got a glimpse of our future: partying all night at the Stonewall Inn as a hot geriatric. Tonight’s Golden Girls drag tribute party, now in its fourth year, boasts an awesome lineup including the World Famous *BOB*, Adam Feldman, Alexia Tate, Amber Martin, Gayle Robbins, Lady Coco Larue, Margoh Channin, Raven Snook, and Susie Q. The night features a Golden Girls troupe performance, a marathon of G.G.–inspired comedy, the Old Lady Style Station (to get that grandma look), and a Golden Girls runway lookalike/impersonation contest for prizes. Don’t forget to pack the Depends.
Sat., March 26, 8 p.m., 2011


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