In the fashion of the nation’s largest discount retailers, HERE Arts Center’s own “mart” features an endless variety of fashionable products at great prices. But instead of galoshes, DVD players, and dog food, Culturemart 2009 offers something certainly more substantial—though you can’t take it home. This year’s sampler of creations by resident artists includes previews of new works by collage-composer Nick Brooke (Border Towns), puppet choreographer Michael Bodel (Sonnambula), and an adaptation of Ibsen’s The Lady From the Sea, directed by HERE Artistic Director Kristin Marting (Sounding). In conjunction with the Under the Radar Festival, two full-length productions will also be presented: Ray Lee’s Siren, about “the hidden world of electromagnetic radiation,” and Removable Parts, Corey Dargel’s acclaimed musical about voluntary amputation.
Jan. 7-Feb. 4, 2009

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