The JVC bigwigs may have shot themselves in the economic foot, but the indie kingpins roll on, so the Vision Festival, the only action of NYC's jazz fest season, may seem a bit more resonant than usual this year. No problem: the Visionaries have a strong, if typical, program to present. It's been up and running since June 9, but the remaining three days are the stuff avant dreams are made of. From the expressionistic roar of saxophonist Peter Bröztmann's Full Blast trio to the solo ruminations of veteran bassist Henry Grimes, a variety of dynamics are covered. Of special interest are bassist's Joe Morris' GoGo Mambo tentet (syncopated squall?), saxophonist Fred Anderson's Trio (earthy extrapolations?), and pianist Matthew Shipp's solo show (reflective recital?). The panel discussions, poetry readings, and visual art presentations round out a fest that convincingly presents itself as a thriving subculture.
Sat., June 13; Sun., June 14; Mon., June 15, 2009

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