The Chelsea Hotel's long tradition of accepting permanent residents ended two years ago with the young photographer/filmmaker Sam Bassett chosen as the last permanent tenant. Bassett, whose photos have been published in publications including The New York Times, Flaunt, and GQ, has lately been hard at work on seven documentary films, each one a glimpse into the life of little-known American artists and eccentrics who have influenced many. Now, Bassett is presenting all of them at his Seven Nights at the Hotel Chelsea Rooftop series, which opens Monday, July 20. July 22's film is about poet/filmmaker/photographer Ira Cohen's last photography exhibit in London. Other highlights include Colombia (July 24), about Juan "Colombia" Mercado, who is famous for his ability to sneak into any red-carpet event, and Stanley (July 26), about the beloved former manager of the Chelsea Hotel, Stanley Bard.
July 20-26, 8 p.m., 2009

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