Who killed Laura Palmer? Was it the one-armed man or One-Eyed Jacks? Relive the mystery of TV's campiest series ever at TV Party: Twin Peaks. Long before Twilight capitalized on the spookiness of the Pacific Northwest, creator David Lynch set his zany small-town murder story there and filled it with a cast of oddballs (the Log Lady), crime-solving hunks (Sheriff Harry S. Truman; Kyle McLachlan as Special Agent Dale Cooper), and sexed-up teens (a smokin'-hot Sherilyn Fenn, for one). At tonight's celebration of all things Twin Peaks, catch clips of the show while sipping on specialty cocktails like the Leland Palmer, enter the backward-talking contest or the Miss Twin Peaks pageant, search for clues about Laura's murder, or get some advice from the Log Lady herself.
Mon., May 9, 8 p.m., 2011

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