Dirty Beaches

Within the lo-fi elegance of Dirty Beaches (a/k/a Alex Zhang Hungtai), influences range from rockabilly to garage pop to scuzzy, reverb-soaked beats. The overall vibe carries a foggy, old-fashioned aesthetic--the muffled doo-wop of "Lord Knows Best" could easily blare from a time-twisted "Twin Peaks" diner jukebox. Hungtai's both a sensitive Ponyboy Curtis who makes the girls melt with sexy love songs ("True Blue") and a rebel whose cause is to scare them with erratic, passionate Nick Cave outbursts ("Sweet 17"). His live show is emotional and compelling, and, when he pulls out a comb from his back pocket to slick back his Elvis 'do, it's facetiously funny. With Widowspeak.
Thu., May 12, 6:30 p.m., 2011

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