As any good New Yorker knows, one man's lost goods are another man's treasure. FOUND magazine, edited by This American Life reporter Davy Rothbart, collects found letters, photos, notes, and other odds and ends for its readers to laugh—and, occasionally, even cry—over. Tonight is the launch party for FOUND's newest anthology, Requiem for a Paper Bag, which features celebrities describing their best finds ever: Seth Rogen (his first found porn mag), Andy Samberg ($10 with the words "You suck dicks, go to hell" scrawled on it), and Michael Musto (a Joe Camel head that lights up) are just a few mentioned in the book. This evening's party, with entertainment by the Story Pirates (a group of adults who perform stories written by kids), is also a benefit for ICE, the Institute for Collaborative Education.
Fri., May 8, 7 p.m., 2009

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