They bow to the Bird because, for all his virtuosity and mind-melding ’40s bebop reinvention, his real gift was accessibility; his melodies reached the ether, but never outmaneuvered the audience. The wonderful, annual Charlie Parker Festival celebrated him on familiar grounds: Today’s spread at Marcus Garvey Park ushers in fleet pianist McCoy Tyner, avant-garde ivories fellow Jason Moran (his hip-hop forays are something to behold), Parker-worthy saxophonist JD Allen, and others. Tomorrow’s offerings at Tompkins Square Park, a stone’s throw from Bird’s stoop, boasts labyrinthine pianist Vijay Iyer (the Voice’s 2009 jazz poll winner), suave statesman vocalist Jimmy Scott, and more.
Sat., Aug. 28, 3 p.m., 2010


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