The Cuban-American Miami rapper Pitbull has made more than his share of ferociously celebratory Spanglish strip-club jams (“Toma,” “Culo,” “Bojangles,” “Go Girl”), but he’s been forced to deal with two spirit-dampening specters for his whole career: Fidel Castro and Steve Gottlieb. Last month, both of them effectively disappeared: Castro, the dictator about whom Pitbull had made plenty of angry, frustrated joints, retired, and Pitbull’s exploitative contract with Gottlieb’s TVT Records may have ceased to be a major issue when the label went bankrupt. So now look for the excitable rapper to get really, really excited. Openers Baby Bash from California hit last year with the proto-“Low” T-Pain smash “Cyclone.” But beyond that one sort-of-OK song, he has nothing to offer. Show up late.
Fri., March 21, 9 p.m., 2008

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