Guided By Voices

Indie rock's Crown Prince of the Prolific, Bob Pollard--who helmed 16 Guided by Voices LPs in the band's original 21-year career as well as 2.5 billion singles, live releases, and fart boxes--has reinstated the lo-fi kings' "Classic '93-'96 Lineup" for a tour, which culminates with tonight's show. Proving he's as much of a softie as we are, he recently gushed that his favorite GBV album is--like his fans'--1994's Bee Thousand and his fave GBV song is 1995's "Game of Pricks." With his buddies in tow, Pollard might just stick in this state of mind for the duration of tonight's concert. Might. With Blitzen Trapper.
Sun., Nov. 7, 8 p.m., 2010

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