Whatever happened to those days of old when roller-skating was the thing to do on a Friday night and Roller Boogie was everyone’s favorite movie? Well, get ready to dig deep into your closet and pull out your old knee-high tube socks, shorts, and wristband, because Down & Derby is bringing them back with a bang. Named Brooklyn’s Best Party on Wheels, Down & Derby will put a boogie back in the steps of skaters and dancers with sounds of disco, ‘80s funk, classic break beats, and all-night specials on Colt 45. So lace up your roller skates, or arrive early and rent a pair—but, either way, arrive ready to bust a move. If you really want to get down, come dressed to impress and possibly win a Saucony shoe giveaway for Best Dressed, or bring that special someone and compete for Best Couple Skate!
Fri., April 17, 10 p.m., 2009

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