Infected Mushroom

An Israeli duo who formed their sound at desert dance parties, Infected Mushroom have a trancey, beat-heavy sound that plays well on the global electronic festival circuit. To that end, Paul Oakenfold showed up as an exec producer on their latest, last year's Legend of the Black Shawarma, which not surprisingly favors Goa-ready sounds that wouldn't be out of place on a soundtrack of big wave surfing highlights. In a slight twist, some light metal influences leaked into the Mushroom on Shawarma—scraggly aggro guitars here and there, as well as vocal turns from Korn's Jonathan Davis and that aged ambassador to everything under the big DJ tent in the sky, Perry Farrell. Glowstick necklaces are available at your local dollar store. With Kaskade.
Sat., May 8, 10 p.m., 2010

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