At last year’s Figment Festival on Governors Island, we wandered through meditation mazes, battled inflatable creatures, and relaxed inside the “Living Pavilion,” a walkway surrounded by greenery. So what can we expect at this weekend’s sanctuary of creative bliss? For starters, cool off in the oddly named “Burble Bup: The City of Dreams Pavilion,” where visitors are encouraged to mingle and lie down among earthen walls, shifting colored light, and plush soil tubes. Or see your true self in the True Mirror Palace, adorned in silver, turquoise, and shooting stars; play a round of mini golf; enjoy tunes from the Anywhere Organ made out of parts from discarded church organs; and a whole lot more. You can even bring your own artwork for others to experience—that is, if you can carry it on the ferry.
June 10-12, 2011

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