Jason Zeh & Pimlo

A pair of Ohio-based noise/drone strategists, Jason Zeh and Pimlo (a/k/a George Viebranz, whose Mobile Cruising Vessel Private Noise Show entertains listeners in Viebranz's car), make the trip to Rockaway Beach for an old-fashioned support-the-touring-musicians-by-donation house jam. Their sets will be followed by a random collaboration party of 10-minute segments by musicians paired by hat drawing. Possibly/maybe including members of Telecult Powers, Grasshopper, and other staples of the NYC/Brooklyn cassette axis, along with whatever noise gadgetry they might bring. Just a brisk subway ride to the (almost) far southeastern end of the A-train.
Sat., Dec. 19, 9 p.m., 2009

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