The French are kiffe-ing ("crazy about") us––can you believe it? I Kiffe NY, the multi-arts festival that celebrates the sprawling French underground scene, might just be your one chance to hear our Gallic neighbors openly admit to our country's positive influence on their artistic endeavors. (But we still know they're culturally superior to us.) The three-week event, which showcases art, live music, raw films and docs, hip-hop, dance, and discussions, gives us an insider's look at the creativity that has exploded out of the French banlieues, which were highly inspired by our own urban culture and street art. Highlights include the R&B duo Les Nubians headlining "Nubian Voyager--Echos: Poetry & Music From the Urban Edge" at Joe's Pub; French hip-hop dance performances by Accrorap and Pockemon Crew at the French Alliance; and the graffiti-inspired illustrations of Fabien Verschaere at the French Cultural Services.
Oct. 6-28, 2008

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