Fifteen or so years in and grunge-era reprobates Jucifer still have not really broken out beyond their alt-rock cult following; if anything, their PJ-Harvey-meets-the-Melvins clamor has attracted another equally underground clique in blog-savvy, sludge-hungry metalheads. Excess still impresses this niche, which explains the wall of amps, the sweet-then-sour melodies and their most recent release, L'Autrichienne, a 21-song Marie Antoinette concept album (released two years after the Kirsten Dunst flick—d'oh!). Add the fact this the band is only a coed two-member guitar-drum team, and this makes for the sort of live spectacle that draws fervent fanbases in the first place. With Mount Vicious and J.A.C.K.
Wed., July 15, 9 p.m., 2009

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