New York City's biggest heavy-metal exports are Kiss and Anthrax: bands that burst out of Queens with catchy choruses, boot-stomping riffs, and unique images. Brooklyn's self-proclaimed "transcendental black-metal" group Liturgy has the opposite approach: Frontman Hunter Hunt-Hendrix growls unpredictably, the band plays in unheadbangable avant-garde rhythms (loudly), and its members wear casual streetclothes. In fact, the group's brand of smarty-pants anti-metal—which recalls math rockers like Don Caballero more than black-metal trailblazers like Darkthrone—once landed them a gig at the extremely un-metal New Yorker Festival, as well as a heady speaking spot at a "black-metal theory symposium" for Hunt-Hendrix. So don't expect any leather-clad moshers at tonight's show, which also features electro no-wavers White Ring, Robert A.A. Lowe of improv rockers Lichens, and Terence Hannum of experimenters Locrian.
Fri., May 6, 8 p.m., 2011

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