Mary Halvorson & Jessica Pavone

For this off-the-rails, freak-folk string duo, it was love at first sound when they met through mutual mentor Anthony Braxton, the inscrutable dean of din. Three albums later, they've emerged as an avant-garde Thelma and Louise, blazing a trail across the stylistic horizon like a 1966 Ford Thunderbird jerry-rigged from scraps of Eric Dolphy, Django Reinhardt, Appalachian gothic campfires, Charles Ives, and Hendrix-laced psychedelia. These deceptively mellow femme fatales boldly veer off the freeway logjam of cruise-control folkways and keep going over the precipice into the abyss. With Mantra Percussion and Pretty Monsters.
Thu., April 28, 8 p.m., 2011

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