Megafaun+the Rosebuds

Their last few times through town, Megafaun served as extra hands for minimalist composer Arnold Dreyblatt and ecstatic hippies Akron/Family, in addition to sets of their own free American twang. And that's not to mention the four years the North Carolina trio put in with future Bon Iver beard Justin Vernon as DeYarmond Edison. Close harmonies, sing-alongs, and rural overtones ground Megafaun's sophisticated sense of adventure. This time, the crowd-riling avant-folkies share a bill with fellow Raleigh indie-ites the Rosebuds, a considerably straighter outfit, with whom Megafaun bassist Brad Cook has also served. With Via Audio and MC Todd Barry.
Thu., April 16, 7:30 p.m., 2009

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