Okkervil River+Titus Andronicus

Credit where credit's due: Okkervil River have stayed with their indie label for about a decade now, even as they've crawled up the food chain to make dents in the top 40 (albums, of course, not singles). Still, for anyone who's been charmed by their woolly roots music, the sleeker, more polished sound of new disc I Am Very Far is kind of disconcerting at first. Will Sheff still moans sweetly, but now he sounds like he'd rather tour with Dashboard Confessional than Roky Erickson (which OR did last time). Luckily, Titus Andronicus still sound like the drunken bar band of your dreams, albeit with diplomas. With Future Islands.
Tue., June 7, 8 p.m., 2011

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