While Pablo Picasso was pioneering the avant-garde movement known as cubism in Paris, something quite different and revolutionary in its own right was happening in Mexico. The Dawn of Modernism, a series of photographs from the early 20th century, explores how—aside from the dominant muralist movement taking place at that time—photographers, too, were experimenting with abstract motifs, fragmentation, and distortion, leaving behind the sentimental, soft-focus photography of pictorialism. The exhibit features works by Lola Álvarez Bravo, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Leo Matiz, Anton Bruehl, Tina Modotti, Paul Strand, and Edward Weston and captures both the fragility and dignity of this post-revolutionary period with black-and-white images ranging from Modotti's famous Roses to Weston's shot of a slouched Diego Rivera, looking so cool with a cigarette in hand.
July 20-Sept. 11, 2010

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