Outer Space+Sexxxual Iceland+Drainolith

As Thurston Moore so accurately yawped during Sonic Youth's all-'80s Prospect Park jam, "NOISE GIG IN BUSHWICK!" The latest portal to the nether-ether is Party Expo, and tonight is their summer summit. Emeralds' John Elliot lands his Outer Space project, his solo cassettes a pointillistic summation of everything glorious about econo-grade drift. Elliots' buds from Telecult Powers, meanwhile, add their girlfriends, as well as members of Excepter, to become the yet-unrecorded Sexxxxual Iceland. The ever-versatile local dream unit Slasher Risk appears, too, along with Canadian synth-tweaker Drainolith (on tour with Elliot).
Fri., Aug. 13, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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