What's really impressive about Billy Idol is that he is so inescapably famous, such a white-hot attention vortex of eloquent sneers and frisky Wedding Singer cameos and running amiss berating his sister's fiance for ruining the antiquated concept of a true "White Wedding," that no one has honed in on his most controversial asset: His lead guitarist is named Steve Stevens. Steve Stevens. Of all the adopted stage names, what is that, bro? (The original Schneider wasn't bad.) A synapse just combusted underneath our own Astroturf-spiked locks. But we're fixating, which is what Billy would never do; a raging punk from Generation X turned the inarguable biggest New Wave gent of the '80s, he remains a touring, recording industry unto himself. Well, with some help from Steve Stevens.
Wed., Sept. 15, 8:30 p.m., 2010

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