Peter Bjorn & John+Chairlift

What's that kid's choir saying in "Nothing to Worry About," the lead single from Peter Bjorn and John's Living Thing? "Octo-Mom in a submarine, put a little money in my tambourine"? Or no, they're just chanting the "$5 Footlong” jingle. Whatever; the Swedish crew that brought you “Young Folks” has made a record with a little more glower and mild disco squiggle than the song that consummated 100,000 prom dates, but they'll still untie you as if you were a shoelace. Catch them now, fresh off Coachella, and make gooey-sweet openers and Brooklyn transplants Chairlift your iPod's new bitch. They have their own spot for the device, after all.
Wed., April 29, 8 p.m., 2009

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