What if we had a DVR that could record the things we missed in real life? Conceptual artist Carlito Carvalhosa has somehow invented a way for us to experience yesterday today through a soft, white translucent wormhole called Sum of Days. This sound installation by the Brazilian artist (his first exhibition in the U.S.) features microphones hanging from various heights inside a floor-to-ceiling elliptical cocoon. The mics record the day’s ambient noise, which is then played back the following day with a new recording layered over the old ones until the oldest sounds become barely audible. Musical performances by Lisa Bielawa, David Crowell, and Philip Glass, among others, will also be periodically recorded from within the installation—but if you want to know when they’ll be playing, you’ll have to frequently check MOMA’s Twitter account for announcements.
Aug. 24-Nov. 14, 2011

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