Perhaps in years past (before, say, 2005), a person could be measured by the content of one's character. Now, thanks to websites like Twitter, your worthiness is based on the wittiness of your status updates. The Shorty Awards Ceremony honors this tradition by rewarding 26 people for their clever and addictive banter limited to 140 characters. The categories include "Advertising," "Humor," "Personal," "Science," and "Travel," among others. All acceptance speeches are also—thank God—limited to 140 characters. Martinsargent, a winner in the "Weird" category, recently posted this update: "I cannot believe that I, a Shorty Award winner, just committed such an awful grammatical error in my last tweet. I am horrified." These folks must be a hoot to hang out with.
Wed., Feb. 11, 7 p.m., 2009

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