The Black Lips

Having pissed on audiences from Australia to Palestine (and been arrested for public nudity in India), Atlanta flower punks the Black Lips are known for their rambunctious stage presence, though it's often doubtful whether they'll survive it. Their latest album 200 Million Thousand blisses out on slapdash psychedelia, with material that dissects getting high with prostitutes ("Drugs") and making it rain ("The Drop I Hold," recorded with the GZA). Though rockabilly single "O Katrina" played the hurricane for a heartbreaker, standout "Dirty Hands" has the band at the full apex of their crusty charms—somehow there's never been a romantic sentiment quite like Cole Alexander's sleazy Southerner crooning, "Do you really want to hold my dirty haaaands?" With Box Elders.
Sun., March 21, 9 p.m., 2010

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