The Very Best+Theophilus London

As usual, this edition of The Fader's "One Step Beyond" champagne jam goes down in the AMNH's Rose Center for Earth and Space. It also launches what could be skyrocketing SXSW jaunts for the Very Best and Theophilus London. While the Very Best are still drinking in the joyful hubbub over 2009's remarkably likeable Warm Heart of Africa, Brooklyn templar of cool Theophilus London seems to have his new single for Green Label Sound peaking at just the right Internet hiccup. At this gig, "Humdrum Town" will certainly cause the papilionidae in the Butterfly Conservatory to go all aflutter. Since this is the Very Best's only announced NYC stop, you better buy a ticket and get your ass to Mars.
Fri., March 12, 9 p.m., 2010

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