The Warlocks

Who is Bobby Hecksher's dark master? The answer is concealed from the view of civilized man. Don't bother questioning his bandmates; the chief Warlock platoons his willing sidekicks like he owns the only operating escalator to Hell. But if the black sun-temperature blisters that ooze from the surface of The Mirror Explodes, Warlocks' latest, are any indication, Hecksher and his new crew serve that trusty winged goat of yore, the feedback demon. Grainy, grimy psychedelia still wafts down Hecksher's long hallway but, in the end, there's always black soot in store. Go ahead, brush your shoulders off. With the Morning After Girls and the Vandelles.
Fri., Aug. 14, 8 p.m., 2009

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