Some reviews of Wolf Parade’s recent At Mount Zoomer (or mine, anyway) noted that the quality of the band’s work might have taken a dip relative to 2005’s Apologies to the Queen Mary as a result of the members’ efforts with a multitude of attention-sapping side projects, including Handsome Furs, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake, and this Montreal-based outfit, Sunset Rubdown, which began life as Wolf Parade co-frontman Spencer Krug’s solo act but has lately evolved into a full-on band of its own. If that theory holds any water—and it totally does!—it’s only to Sunset Rubdown’s benefit, of course: Last year’s Random Spirit Lover represented a major upgrade over its hit-or-miss predecessor, Shut Up I Am Dreaming, with stronger melodies and more appealingly complicated instrumental textures. Random is nearing a year old, and Zoomer came out all the way back in June—which means that the ultra-prolific Krug will almost certainly have some new material to showcase tonight.
Wed., Sept. 17, 10 p.m., 2008

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