Vivian Girls+Times New Viking+Stupid Party

Like the Henry Darger paintings they took their name from, Brooklyn’s Vivian Girls are a group of mysterious, twee darlings who kick out the jams with the flicker of a long-lashed glance. Sounding like a sludgier, more laconic Shangri-Las, they often perform with Fucked Up as the surf-punk beauties to Pink Eye’s beast, collaborating with Japanther, Jay Reatard, and frenemies Crystal Stilts (word is original drummer Frankie Rose split after “artistic differences”) to form the Brooklyn music that comes out of bodegas, not Urban Outfitters catalogues. Joining them tonight are partners-in-hype Times New Viking and Stupid Party, sure to drench you in reverb like a State-school grad at a wet t-shirt contest. Let the games begin.
Mon., May 11, 8 p.m., 2009

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