Have more than a few questions about the Iraq War? Bring them to British artist Jeremy Deller's It Is What It Is: Conversations About Iraq, an exhibit at the New Museum, co-presented by Creative Time, in which Deller aims to bridge the disconnect between the U.S. and Iraq via a rotating cast of veterans, journalists, scholars, and Iraqi nationals, who will encourage discussions about the war with museum visitors. Inspiring the conversation will be artifacts on display, including the remnant of a car that was destroyed in the cultural center of Baghdad killing more than 30 people, and a wall graphic juxtaposing maps of the U.S. and Iraq. Catch it before Deller takes the show on a cross-country trip to L.A. in an RV (with the exploded car on a flatbed trailer in back) to continue the discussion at community centers and cultural institutions along the way.
March 4-22, 2009

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